Industrial Sewing Machine, Small Cylinder-bed Interlock Stitch Machine, 4-needle 6-thread feed-off-the-arm Interlock Flatseaming Machine, Flatseamer, Flatlock Stitch Machine, Flatlocker

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    Key Features

    This flatseamer is elaborately developed by Ming Jang, taking advantage of manifold innovations of mechanisms to achieve such a revolutionary and innovative model in the industrial sewing machine industry as MJ62GX – 4 needle 6 thread feed-off-the-arm interlock flat seaming machine.

    In all kinds of industrial sewing machines, lockstitch, overlock, and interlock are the mainstream facilities with considerable demand. However, their technical barriers and profit making are going to be seriously downward. Even the special type of sewing machines as button holer, button sewer, bar-taking, their growth of market demand is quite limited due to the constrained garment making procedure. After deeply analyzing the trend of business value by Ming Jang’s management team, the “4 needle 6 thread feed-off-the-arm interlock flat seaming machine” is well aimed, which is equipped with high business value and technical barriers, to be the niche model for developing.

    The flatseamer is a quite humanized sewing facility, especially in the interaction among fabric natures/features, sewing requests and operation maturity. Re. the model recommendation during promotion and sales, it depends on end-user's degree of being skilled or not, and sewing requests. The flatseamer is basically designed for use in knitted underwear category with general overlapping and sewing fabrics together to form a strong and elastic seam. Thanks to the developing interaction between machine performance/functions and sewing requests. It makes more possible extensions to well manage future market demands.

    This flatseamer provides garment factory with the function of trimming the edge(s) of the fabric(s) and lapseaming at the same time during sewing procedure. Its one machine one procedure has already replaced multi-machine multi-procedure by overlock along with interlock in the past. The sewing effect of the former is more even, fit, smooth and decorative than the latter.

    In order to keep pace with the trend of garment development by the functional and casual features, the wider adoption range for making garment is worthy of business value and going to be expanded in worldwide garment market.

    The application range of sewing development includes the followings. Various briefs and panties, thermal underwear, T-shirt, Polo shirt, swimwear, surfsuit, diving suit, jogging pants, sportswear, biking wear, knitted jacket, baby wear, child’s sleeper, pantyhose, and various professional sportswear - swimsuit, leotard, workout wear, sports activewear, etc.

    The major features of the product series are as follows.

    1. Patented ”Dual Differential Ratio Feeding” – a pioneer design in the industry, highly improving the sewing adoption of various fabrics and the sewing quality.

    2. Patented “External Stitch Length Adjuster” – a pioneer design in the industry,  enhancing the convenience for both sewing by operators and maintaining by technicians.

    3. Patented “Fixed Rear Needle Guard” – a pioneer design in the industry, advancing the availability of maintenance to avoid needle broken, stitch skipped and to cause waiting in the production line.

    4. Patented “Hidden Triple-scrape Oil Seal”, totally preventing the fabric from oil stain problem by the needle bar.

    5. Patented “Unique Needle Clamp” design, being easy to clean up and minimizing the damage.

    6. A retainer is included in all MJ62GX series for seaming light/soft materials, retaining the tension of bottom thread, and avoiding the seam crumpling.

    7. Simple & easy conversion between basic model and extended special/functional model.

    8. Patented “New Anti-oil-leakage” design, adopting special mechanism and high-quality oil seals to diminish the possibility of leakage from machine head.

    9. Patented “Hi-lux LED Assist-light” design, uplifting the brightness in sewing area and the sewing quality to conforming to the benefit from energy-saving and environment protection.

    10.Manifold assist devices and gauge sets are available as options, being easy and simple to install and to use, to satisfy various sewing requests from garment factories.

    As for the details of Megasew's products, please refer to our website - www.ming-jang.com

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    ASIA ,C-AMERICA ,EUROPE ,Egypt ,MID-EAST ,Mainland China ,S-AMERICA ,Tunisia ,United States

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